MOPs+ is now available!

View the MOPs+ changelog here.

After years in development, MOPs+ is released to the public! Purchase an Early Access subscription and get a sweet, sweet discount on your first year.

Important: MOPs+ is in Early Access. This means that there may be some parts that are a little rough around the edges. Buying a license now gets you a discount on your first year of subscription, and helps fund the further development of MOPs+.

Use the coupon code MOPSPLUSEA at checkout to receive the discount!

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Simplify simulations with MOPsDOPs

Most of the original MOPs nodes have been ported to DOPs! Use familiar Falloffs and Modifiers to manipulate particles, RBDs, and Vellum. Use MOPs Transform to push and spin objects, MOPs Aim to easily aim objects towards an object or vector, MOPs Noise Modifier to add detail to simulations, or Apply Attributes DOP as an all-purpose “goal” solver to direct your objects to follow SOP targets. All of these Modifiers use the same Falloff system to scale forces, and you can apply any force in numerous ways (Force, Velocity, Wind, or directly update transforms).

There’s also some new tools to help prepare your simulations in SOPs… MOPs Collision Geo can quickly and efficiently generate collision geometry for your simulations, even from deforming instances. MOPs Deintersect quickly separates geometry, optionally constraining the position or orientation to allow you to very precisely set up piles, stacks, or just to help spread out your scattered objects.

Typography Tools

MOPs Typography quickly and painlessly generates beveled or chiseled letterforms, packed and ready for use with the rest of MOPs right away. Letters are automatically aligned to the baseline so they can be easily animated along a path or otherwise transformed in a typography-friendly way. Built-in controls for wrapping and kerning make it easy to lay out and fine-tune all kinds of text.

Even more toys

MOPs Curve Toys lets you roll up curves, unroll them, or bend them into waves and spirals, all controllable via Falloff attributes. MOPs Greeble recursively subdivides polygons, for adding sci-fi detail to surfaces or generating procedural city blocks, and it can even be animated by Falloff attributes. MOPs Attribute Mapper allows you to easily build up spreadsheet-like associations between attributes so you can assign textures, instance paths, or other attributes to your objects painlessly according to simple rules.

More stuff is always coming!

MOPs+ is constantly under development, just like the old open source MOPs. There will be new nodes and tools coming all the time, all with the same goal as the original MOPs: making it easier and faster for you to get exactly what you want on the screen in Houdini.

Where can I find detailed information about the new tools?

The MOPs Wiki, of course! There is a general tutorial on the new MOPsDOPs system available here. To see the new SOP tools, check out the master node list here and look for nodes marked as “Plus”.

So what about regular MOPs?

It’s still fully supported! MOPs will continue to get updates as it always has been, but new tools will primarily be added to MOPs+ instead. As always, if you run into any bugs or issues with regular MOPs, please report them on GitHub for faster updates!

Subscription Information

MOPs+ runs on a subscription model, but not your typical Saas (Software As A Service) model. When you pay for MOPs+, the software is yours to use, forever. The subscription price includes a free year of updates. If you don’t want updates, simply pause or cancel your subscription and you can continue using any version of MOPs released before the end of your subscription period.

You can purchase MOPs+ as full Houdini FX HDAs, or as Indie HDALCs for a reduced price. You can always upgrade your subscription from Indie to FX for the prorated cost difference.


  • MOPs+ FX (.HDA): $220/year
  • MOPs+ Indie (.HDALC): $100/year

Important: Use the coupon code MOPSPLUSEA to receive the 25% Early Access discount for your first year!

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